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Pelikan Souverän M815 Metal Striped Special Edition

By Penworld 3 months ago

Pelikan Souverän M815 Metal Striped Special Edition

Pelikan Souverän M815 Metal Striped Special Edition

The new special edition Souverän® M815 Metal Striped series captivates and offers a new level of sophistication. The combination of high quality resin married with palladium-plated stripes of brass, together radiates and exudes a new refined elegance.

The glorious play of colors of the metal stripes on the barrel gives a special appearance to each fountain pen. The shining silver stripes continue the iconic Pelikan striped design element typical of the Souverän® series. The brass material used as base material for the barrel adds weight and a higher quality feel to the pen compared to standard fountain pens. All in all, this special edition sets itself above others with its combination of harmonious material elements and a well-balanced design.

The rings and the clip are palladium plated, and the 18 carat gold nib is completely covered by rhodium in order to obtain the silver sheen. As with most Pelikan pens a variety of nib widths are offered to match your preferred line width and writing style preference.

This series is delivered in a specially designed gift box that takes up the striped design of the Souveraen series and of this special edition. The M815 Metal Striped will be available starting June 2018.

Pelikan Souverän M815 Metal Striped Special Edition

Caran d'Ache Justice League Special Edition

By Penworld 10 months ago

Caran d'Ache Justice League

Caran dAche presents its new JUSTICE LEAGUE TRINITY special edition in collaboration with Warner Bros.

Caran d’Ache has joined forces with the superheroes of the Justice League to create a range of legendary writing instruments. To celebrate these iconic superheroes, the craftsmen of the Geneva-based company have pooled their know-how to face a number of extraordinary technical challenges. Style, audacity, power and timelessness… the Justice League special edition from Caran d’Ache reveals the super powers hidden deep inside each and every one of us.

Superman, batman, wonder woman

A special edition made to measure

With its Justice League TRINITY special edition, Caran d’Ache brings together three legendary superheroes of the Justice League, designing made-to-measure writing instruments in their honour. With their legendary super powers and iconic costumes, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman

Visconti Casa Batlló by Gaudi

By Penworld 11 months ago

Visconti has just announced his latest Limited Edition: Casa Batlló

This pen created from Visconti artisans is the perfect interpretation of the philosophy which pervades Casa Batlló. Indeed, the owners of Casa Batlló, very enthusiast about the pen deisgn, have given to Visconti the right to present this masterpiece to the world, as ambassador of the essence of Antoni Gaudì.

Visconti Casa Batlló by Gaudi

Visconti has used the most sophisticated techniques: from micro-fusion pieces reworked by hand piece by piece, to glossy enameling and iridescent coating to reproduce the tiles on the roof of the building. The careful research of materials, carved keeping the curves and lines of the original building of Casa Batlló, are synonyms of Visconti craftsmanship skills.

The body and the cap are curved on three layers; each one is molded in different materials (Acrylic, Silver, enamel), and representing the facade of Casa Batlló.

On top of the cap as well as on the blind cap the shape is respecting the particular design of the roof (built from small colorful tiles).

The roof is arched and was likened to the back of a dragon. The clip (rounded to the left of center and terminating at the top in a turret and cross) represents the lance of Saint-George plunged into the back of the dragon.

The pen is provided with the famous double reservoir power filler patented from Visconti as well as with the iconic 23kt Palladium nib.

The Pen has been developed with the support of the owners of Casa Batlló in Barcelona, which has celebrated the 110 anniversary since the termination of works in 1906.

As ambassador of beauty, art and luxury, Visconti has been chosen again to represent the spirit of the famous artist.

This pen is limited to 188 pcs and costs € 4500, Pre-order now by mail

AntwerPPen by Conid

By Penworld 11 months ago

AntwerPPen by Conid @ Penworld

With great pride, we introduce to you the Conid AntwerPPen fountain pen collection. In collaboration with Antwerp-based pen manufacturer Conid, three exclusive fountain pens are presented. These pens will only be available for purchase in Antwerp, the city we proudly call 'home'.

The AntwerPPen fountain pens are an ode to our beautiful city. The exclusive red-orange resin material has a mesmerizing pattern, and represents the current city logo. On the clip, you'll find a cut diamond, as Antwerp is famous for its' leading position in the global diamond trade business.

AntwerPPen Logo on clip

The AntwerPPen regular is, as all Conid fountain pens, equipped with their patented 'Bulkfiller' filling system. This special design allows an incredible ink capacity of up to 2.5ml, almost twice that of a normal piston filler! Conid equips their pens with a high-quality steel nib that is tuned and optimised in house by their skilled craftsmen. Through the combination of craftsmanship and eye for detail, these nibs are assured to perform as good -if not better- than any gold nib! All metal parts, including the mechanism, are machined from solid titanium. The entire pen is made entirely in-house by conid (apart from the nib unit) right here, in Antwerp, and symbolises the pinnacle of quality.

Conid Bulkfiller

In short: with the Conid AntwerPPen Regular, you buy a unique product, characterised by impeccable design and craftsmanship... and of course: Made in Antwerp!

Pelikan Souverän 805 Ocean Swirl Special Edition

By Penworld 11 months ago

Pelikan Special Edition Souverän 805 Ocean Swirl

Pelikan Special Edition 200 Smoky Quartz

This distinctive new special edition series has been crafted using a unique material providing a truly spectacular look and appearance of each Ocean Swirl pen. Exposure to light further enhances and adds sparkle and depth which vary in intensity. Just like in the deep sea, bright spots alternate with dark spots mimicking the light that radiates and is found in the ocean. Each writing Instrument is truly unique.

The rings and the clip are palladium plated, and the 18 carat gold nib is completely covered by rhodium in order to obtain the silver sheen. As with most Pelikan pens a variety of nib widths are offered to match your preferred line width and writing style preference. These differential piston fountain pens will be available in nib sizes EF, F, M, and B. You have the choice between a fountain pen, ball pen, and roller ball.

Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria.

This series is delivered with a practical folding box. We also recommend our Edelstein Ink in Jade a matching color. The 805 Ocean Swirl will be available starting November 2017.

Pelikan Souverän Ocean Swirl Special Edition Fountain Pen

Pelikan Souverän Ocean Swirl Special Edition Roller

Pelikan Souverän Ocean Swirl Special Edition Ballpoint Pen

Pelikan Souverän 605 White-Transparant Special Edition

By Penworld 11 months ago

Pelikan Special Edition Souverän 605 White-Transparant

Pelikan Special Edition 200 Smoky Quartz

Gracefully with a gentle appearance. That‘s the look of the new Special Edition Souverän 605 White-Transparent. Thanks to its tone-in-tone design it seems to be inconspicuous but it is absolutely not. The bright but not cold white colour shades underline the very modern interpretation of the true classic Souverän.

The white and partially transparent barrel is made of cellulose acetate, using a traditional process that is extremely work-intensive. For the white, finely turned parts, high-grade resin was used. The clip and rings are refined with a palladium coating and the completely rhodinized 14 carat gold nib, matches to the silver sheen of the other components. Even the inner parts that slightly shine through the white-transparent barrel of the fountain pen and the upper-part of the ballpoint pen harmonize perfectly with the white-silver look

Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria.

The Souverän 605 White-Transparent is encased in a specially designed gift box. This elegant series will be available as a piston fountain pen and a ballpoint pen by mid of October 2017.

Pelikan Souverän 605 White Transparant

Pelikan Souverän White Transparant Special Edition Balpoint Pen

Pelikan Classic 200 Smoky Quartz Special Edition

By Penworld 1 years ago

Special Edition M200 Smoky Quartz

Pelikan Special Edition 205 Aquamarine

Different than the others: this series 200 Smoky Quartz is the first version refined with golden trimmings. The golden rings, the fine Pelikan clip and the gold-plated steel nib match perfectly with the color temperature of brown-colored, smoky shades.

The series M200 will be offered as a fountain pen with differential piston mechanism and a ballpen with the well-established push-meachanism. The nib of the fountain pen M200 has a gold-plated stainless steel nib. Depending on individual handwriting and liking it is available in nib width EF, F, M and B.

The set of M200 fountain pen together with the Edelstein Ink bottle gives the color concept another thrill: Especially for the set, the Edelstein Ink bottle was refined with golden letters as well. Marvelous!

Lamy aion, simply modern

By Penworld 1 years ago

Lamy aion

Lamy just announced his latest new collection, the Lamy aion: Simply modern!

The smooth deep-drawn aluminium body components are the first of their kind and give the series a unique, harmonious appearance. Brushed and blasted surfaces are refined with a brilliant silk-matt anodic coating finish, creating formal tension. The sturdy high gloss polished clip perfectly rounds off the overall design.

This collection was designed by Jasper Morrison, the fountain pen has a newly designed expressive stainless steel nib and will be available in Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad.

Fountain pen, ballpoint and rollerball colors are black and olivesilver

Montegrappa Cigar Pen 2017

By Penworld 1 years ago

Precisely 20 years after Montegrappa issued the first Cigar edition, Montegrappa has again honoured this most elevated form of smoking with a new limited edition. Although tobacco usage has fallen out of favour, cigars remain a guilty pleasure for connoisseurs who appreciate the rich tastes and aromas

Montegrappa Cigar Pen 2017

In the modern era, with smoking no longer accepted in public, cigar lovers have formed clubs in major cities. Here, smokers can enjoy cigars in a manner reminiscent of the era of the original oil barons, railway magnates and other captains of industry, for whom cigars were mandatory accessories. Often, the smoking experience is accompanied by a brandy or other tipple.

Made in the special “Tobacco” celluloid, one of the 24 hues Montegrappa boasts in its archives, the Cigar pen resembles the subject with uncanny realism. The colour was chosen for its particular combination of light brown with lighter, pearlised streaks that resemble organic tobacco leaves.

Pelikan Raden M800 Royal Gold Limited Edition

By Penword 1 years ago

Pelikan Raden M800 Royal Gold

Raden is a traditional Japanese decorative craft mainly used for lacquer ware and woodwork.

By working with small stripes of precious shell material, the artist of the Raden pen creates a beautiful, impressive piece of art. Each piece is truly unique.

Pelikan Raden M800 Royal Gold

The first step to create the fountain pen Raden M800 Royal Gold is to give the surface a deep black color impression by using the special Japanese Urushi lacquer. Then the typical stripes are made with particles from the precious white mother of pearl shell. A 24 carat gold foil is carefully affixed as background on these stripes. In the next step the stripes are fixed to the cap and barrel by a coating of laquer. Finally, the artist individually signs and numbers each fountain pen with the Maki-e technique, which used to be reserved exclusively for Japanese Royals as an indication of their power.

Pelikan Raden M800 Royal Gold

With the limited edition Raden series, Pelikan applies this wonderful Japanese decorative craft to the technical base of fountain pen models of its famous Souveraen series.

The Raden M800 Royal Gold fountain pens are pieces of art with finely-chased 18 carat gold nib in the size M, accentuated with a rhodium decor. Each fountain pen is encased in a traditional Japanese gift box which is made of Paulownia wood.

Pelikan Raden M800 Royal Gold

The Raden M800 Royal Gold will be available as from June 2017 in a limited edition of 388 pieces worldwide for € 1785.

Pre-order by mail and make sure to have one.