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Secrid Cardslide

The Secrid Card protector is an unprecedented product and loved by many. It protects important payment cards and other cards against external influences. The aluminum housing is not only resistant to falling and impact damage, but is also rigid and waterproof. In addition, cards cannot be read unwantedly (skimmed). The Card protector was the first product from Secrid but the brand has now also added a number of other lines to the collection, including the Secrid Cardslide.

The plus version of the Secrid Card protector
The Secrid Cardslide is also called the Secrid Card Protector Plus. This product has everything that the Secrid Card protector also has plus a number of extras. For example, the product is equipped with an extra Slide and has a Moneyband. Both provide extra space for, for example, cash, company passes or two extra passes. And as you are used to from Secrid, this Card protector is also small in size. With its height of 10.3 cm and its length 6.8 cm, it is almost as compact as all other variants. The Secrid Cardslide is only 14 mm thick and weighs only 98 grams.

The benefits of the Secrid Cardslide
The Secrid Cardslide has a few nice extras compared to the Secrid Card protector and we would like to list them again for you. The Secrid Cardslide has an extra slide. This slide provides space for 2 extra passes, cash, parking tickets or even a key. Although the Cardslide is only 6 mm thicker, it offers quite a bit of extra space. In addition, it still protects your valuable cards against external influences, never broken or damaged cards. The Secrid Cardslide is also incredibly easy to use. With one push of a button you have your cards within reach.

Still not convinced? At we have an extensive range of Secrid products. Try the Secrid Cardslide or one of the other Secrid wallets yourself and experience the protection and convenience that Secrid products have to offer. Secrid products also make the greatest of gifts. They always come in handy and are incredibly sustainable. A Secrid wallet is a product that’ll last for years to come.