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Graf von Faber-Castell

Graf von Faber-Castell

Founded in 1761, as from the mid-19th century the Faber-Castell company developed into the most important manufacter of wood-cased pencils, both graphite and colour. It was Baron Lothar von Faber who turned the simple pencil into the world's first brand-name writing instrument and created a reputation for fascinating products, which are setting standers to this day.

Since 1761, the German County Von Faber is renowned for their high quality pencils, art supplies and luxury writing products under the Faber-Castell brand. Their products can be split up into two daughter brands: modern and young writing instruments, pencils, general office and art supplies are found under the Faber-Castell brand name; the luxury daughter brand Graf von Faber-Castell represents the classic luxury writing products and leather goods that support on centuries of experience and craftsmanship.

Heirloom design, heirloom quality

Graf Von Faber-Castell products generally take on a pure, classic design that is strongly influenced by historical products from the rich past of the brand. The subtly flared shape of the top of the pen, and elegant hinged clip make for an instantly recognizeable writing instrument that is as timeless as writing itself! High-quality woods, precious resins and luxurious Sterling silver or platinum-plated details define many of the GvFC product lines, like the Classic, Anello, Guilloche, Intuition or the more modern interpretation: Tamitio. 

The humble pencil

Graf von Faber-Castell is built upon years of experience in the pencil-making industry. They honor their roots with a humble pencil... but like any product that bears the GvFC family crest, the pencil is reinvented in its most elegant and luxurious form! Meet: the Perfect Pencil! Made from the same high quality woods and precious-metals as the rest of the product catalog, the Perfect Pencil comes with a luxurious cap that protects the pencil, extends it when it gets shorter from use, and also houses a sharpener for on the go. Besides, it lets you carry the humble pencil neatly in your pocket, always ready for your next note or sketch.

Pen of The Year

Each year, Graf von Faber-Castell produces a highly-coveted limited edition fountain pen, appropriately named the Pen of The Year. As their flagship product, each fountain pen showcases the best of the skilled artisans' work like a piece of art that can be held in the palm of your hand. Recent year's themes are dedicated to pillars of history. Like samurai, the Roman empire or Spartans (Pen of The Year 2020).